Thursday 10 April 2008

Ideas for the Birthday Boy

I thought I'd post a few birthday ideas for those who want to get Eme something that he needs:

  • money for Eme's RESP
  • outdoor, rubber soled (but flexible) shoes, size 4
  • rubber-soled sandals, size 4
  • indoor shoes/slippers, like Robeez, size 12-18 months
  • spring/summer/fall clothes in 12-18 months, including socks
  • warm pyjamas for the cottage, size 12-18 months
  • buckets and shovels, rakes or other sand toys
  • a wide-brim summer hat, size 12-18 month

Eme doesn't really need much, but most of these are things that we'll have to get for him if he isn't gifted them at his birthday get-together.

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