Saturday 26 April 2008

Crazy Kid Filler

One of my hard drives has suffered a bizarre malfunction. I think there is still a chance I may be able to recover the data, but I haven't had enough time to concentrate on attempting the hacks I have in mind which may (or may not) fix the problem. Anyhow, the reason I'm mentioning this here is that this defunct drive held most of our on-line photo gallery. The drive being on vacation is a major reason no new photos have been posted lately. (The actual photos are safe, just the on-line accessable version is missing...)

So, here's some videos of the kids running around for no particular reason, to amuse and distract...

The moral of this next clip is... if, when looking forward to a nice cruise with your walker, you trip on your first step and fall on your face... and if Istra is around... your walker is if grave danger of being swooped down upon and run off with. Beware! The evidence...

And one more for now, because no one can get enough of videos of cute laughing one-year-olds trying to walk and falling on their faces repeatedly. (And because this video embedding is kind of fun.)

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