Friday 1 February 2008

Don't blink.

Look out Eme!

This is what happens when Mommy disappears for a while...?

Not many posts lately. Casts are off now (as can be seen), and strength continues to return. Been sick a few times (as has everyone in the family... wheh). Have finally managed to convert this site to new software (again). At least most of the site (but no one looks at the old stuff anyhow --- Nevertheless, I must obsessively fix the ancient glitches eventually for posterity, or even just the illusion thereof). And there's a bit of spit and polish to be applied miscellaneously in general. Anyhow, the hope is that the new software will make some things less tedious about maintaining and adding content to the site (which would be good for everyone --- theoretically). We shall see.

Until later...

Keep your eyes peeled!

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