Friday 25 January 2008

More Fun with "Food"

Gingerbread Train DerailmentThis sugar overload was courtesy of Sally at Tim's office who contributed the gingerbread train to the office "Secret Santa". Unfortunately, Tim didn't tell me that there was to be a Secret Santa and so we brought no gift to contribute and were therefore left out.

Gingerbread Train DerailmentLeft out? No! Do not lose heart, dear reader! Due to the generosity of yet another young lady, who was obviously affected by the glint of excitement in Istra's eye at the possibility of possessing something that was, at the same time, a train and a cookie, Istra did not go home empty handed.

Gingerbread Train DerailmentWe didn't get around to assembling the train before Christmas, but put it together in the dreary, snotty days afterward (which have still not ended, by the way, thanks to the appearance of cold No. 3). It sat around for a while, getting harder and harder as the days went by; and then when we were desperate enough for a bit of entertainment, we dug in.

Gingerbread Train DerailmentThe results were about an hour of hyperactivity and this lovely set of pictures.

Gingerbread Train DerailmentThe whole set can be seen here.

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