Wednesday 4 April 2007

Beary Underweary

Veracious Bear, widely known for his personal dignity and sagacious mien, has been hanging out with Istra lately. It's a good thing, and we hope that some of Veracious's deeply respectable sensibilities may have a good influence on our growing sprout.

But wait.. Istra! Istra? Istra, what are you doing with Veracious?

Pink strawberry underwear? You can't put pink strawberry underwear on old Veracious! Veracious won't stand for such things!

Oh, Veracious... you're standing. What? Where are you going, Veracious? No, no, they don't look that bad. It's okay, Veracious. We'll get through this somehow.

Poor Veracious! No, Veracious, I won't open the window so you can jump. It's not that bad. No, i'm not snickering... i just had something caught in my throat. Cough. Cough. Istra, take those underpants off of Veracious. They just don't suit him. That's a good girl.

Istra, what are you doing? I said take the underwear off of Veracious! You know, that's girl's underwear, and Veracious isn't a girl, so take it off, please?

What? Oh, you're taking Veracoius for a walk. In pink strawberry underpants. In a pink stroller. Oh, Veracious, I'm soooo sorry. I had no idea that having a kid would lead to this!

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