Thursday 29 March 2007

Hobnobbing with Politicos

Yeah, that's my head floating off Al Gore's chin, as he talks to Joe Clark. Stéphane Dion and Mayor David Miller standing by. Here's the story. I'm at the Employer Summit, and take up my frequent position in the auditorium way off to the side near the A/V table, just before the Gore session is about to start. It turns out, for some security reason, they switched the door Gore would be entering through, and where his seat would be. It ends up that i'm standing virtually right behind the guy's seat. The other political VIPs of course got their seats swapped at the same time to be together. So there I am floating in the background as three professional photographers buzz around flashing. Selena seems to find this fairly amusing. (These pictures come from Gregory Varano, who was Mediacorp's professional photographer of the event.)

I like this one better, where i've finally got my camera out and am peeping from behind Stéphane Dion's wife's head... probably attempting to shoot the photographers.

The following two i find the funniest though (especially the second). My head just floats in the background like a balloon... i start to think i'm some kook who digitally edited myself into this series of pictures for some unknown bizarre reason. It's sort of funny.

For the record, the only one of these famous people I personally exchanged any words with was Joe Clark. Later, out in the foyer, he came by and said: "Does this door go out?" To which I said: "Yes." And out he strode.

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