Friday 15 December 2006

Upgrading the SUV

Some of you are aware of the new stroller saga. Obviously having two kids means that our single stroller(s) are no longer going to be practical. So this means that we need a new stroller.

For the longest time, since before I was pregnant even, I had my heart set on the Phil and Ted's e3 for when #2 arrives. It seems perfect. It's light, streamlined, efficient in every way (okay, except for maybe financially). It's a jogging-style stroller, but the front wheel can also swivel, making it easier to manoever around stores and other tight spaces. I thought it would be perfect. At last, I would only need one stroller; the Phil and Ted's would meet all my jogging and public-transporting needs.

Not so, says Strollerqueen. Apparently the Phil and Ted's is not a jogging stroller and in the States they're not even allowed to call it a jogging stroller--it has that (so desirable) swivel wheel, which excludes it from this category. It's not safe for jogging, apparently. The wheels aren't big enough; at high velocities it could tip. Ok, so I'm probably not going to be going at "high velocities", but with a newish baby and a two year old on board, one doesn't really want to take that chance.

So, I've gone back to the drawing board, and this is what I've come up with: I need two strollers. Sigh. One for jogging and one for public transportation. Believe me, I don't want two strollers, but it seems like the only option.

So here is my public transportation stroller option: the Joovy Caboose. It's the lightest "sit and stand" model out there, and it has the option for the standing party to actually sit down: it has two seats unlike most "sit and stand" models. So new-baby goes in the front with a regular seat, and Istra gets to either stand-and-ride (while holding on to the handles) or sit on her own little half seat. I figure this will be okay by the time we use this stroller; Istra will be older and will want to walk a little bit more (she actually walked almost all the way home from the park today, with minimal detours). The Caboose also has the option of attaching an infant carseat, for when new-baby is very little (though I plan to carry new-baby a lot too.

And for those of you that remember my old SUV, here's the new one: the Kool Stride Senior with the inline seat. It's almost like the Phil and Ted's design-wise, but a lot bigger and it is actually a jogging stroller. It's made by a bicycle company and I think that's a good thing. This thing is going to be able to handle uneven terrain. I've been told that as far as joggers (and especially double joggers) go, this one is amazing. It apparently is very light for its size and very manoeverable. Also, since the second seat is inline, it's not much bigger than a single.

Ironically, in order to purchase both these strollers, we will have to fork out less cash than to acquire one Phil and Ted's.

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