Thursday 14 December 2006

Lovin the Mamba

I thought someone should post an update for those we don't see very often on our December 6th ultrasound at which we found we are having another healthy baby, whose gender will be ... a surprise. Yes, Tim and I know what the gender is, but we're keeping it a secret for just a little bit longer. Tim apparently loves making holiday dinner announcements, so that's the plan for Christmas dinner this year. We will be announcing this baby's gender and it's name. Yes, we have a name, decided upon almost unanimously while walking home from the ultrasound. Amazing!

Istra is doing well. Her "language explosion" seems to have slowed down a little bit; she is taking a bit of a break to get two more teeth (her top two eye teeth--only the bottom two eye teeth to go! Until the 2-year molars at least...) and to explore the English language. It's so fascinating to me to watch her experiment with words and sounds. It reminds me of my own forays into foreign languages (most notably Russian). She gets confused between simple words and concepts, in almost the exact same way that I would get confused while trying to speak Russian and I swear I can understand exactly how her brain is processing all of this!

She has finally, seemingly, stopped calling Tim "dada" and is now calling him "papa", which is nice. Her "papa", though, sounds like "baba" sometimes. She also gets me and Tim mixed up; yesterday she called me "Mamba" which I found hilarious.

She has also started expressing a little bit of humour and personality. A week or two ago we took her to the grocery store and let her walk down the cereal aisle. She stopped and pointed to every different brand of cereal, proclaiming each one "Mmmm, yum!" This morning when I took her for a walk she tried to psych me out, pointing at things that weren't there, getting me to look and then laughing hysterically. She's a funny girl.

Sorry no pictures this time! I must get back to my Spinoza.

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