Wednesday 15 November 2006


At our last midwife appointment (about 5 weeks ago), we were not able to find the new baby's heart beat yet. It was a bit early to easily detect with the doppler. Elizabeth assured us that by next appointment we'd almost certainly be able to hear it...

And so, at our appointment today, I recorded it. You can hear it too if you hit that last link. It sounds like some scary hospital sound effects, more than anything. The little heart beats very fast. It was pumping away between 140 and 150 beats per minute (if I read the device correctly).

Something is in there!

(For the historical record, the pregnancy ticker at the top of the page reads 15 weeks and 4 days.)

[The photo is from after the appointment. Istra and I were hanging around outside the Robarts Library building leaf sculptures on the lawn while Selena was inside attempting to research...]

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