Saturday 25 November 2006

Language Explosion (An entry mostly for me, to remember...)

I've been talking about it for a while, saying repeatedly that it was coming--and now it's here: the Language Explosion. For the past two weeks or so Istra has been learning approximately one new word a day; some days she has said two new words, but then other days she might not say any.

Here are the recent acquisitions:

  • car
  • cracker (pronounced "ack-oo" or sometimes "cack-oo")
  • bum
  • ear
  • quack ("Cack!")
  • moo
  • bunny ("nunny" or "dunny")
  • Eeyore
  • Hi!
  • hot
  • Beep! (for the buttons on the subway elevators)
  • potty (usually "dotty")
  • Mama

Admittedly, this last one is the best. It's so cute how she learned to say it too. Apparently she has problems with words starting with "M" and so the first time she said "mama" she actually said "Yummm-mama!" These days she can say it without the prefix, but she still pauses before she says it and then pronounces it with the same deep intonation as "Yum!" It's quite funny.

Speaking of potties, Istra seems to be quite obsessed with it. She has been using it by herself once or twice a day. Yesterday was a record, though; she used it probably around 10-15 times at her own prompting (requiring me to help her empty it into the toilet each time). Unfortunately, that was all in the space of about half an hour. Apparently Istra has discovered that she can make herself pee at will.

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