Thursday 2 November 2006

Dem Snakes

Selena mentioned Max and his nest of snakes, but neglected even a link to what may be the best photo of the set! The expression! Sure she gave a link to the set, but surely no one looks through these things (except poor Aunty Belle and her desperate printer ink addiction).

But actually my favorite picture of the set can be seen by clicking the other picture here, wherein the regal and princely Max gives an audience to the wild and nimble wood-elf, who has obliviously frolicked into his palace corridor. (Look at the precise positioning of his hand! I love it.)

The picture which is the link (because it looks more interesting in small format) also features the mysterious Nada, Max's lowly charwoman (for whom he does seem to have developed some fondness---even dressing her up as a princess for his rustic guests).

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