Friday 16 June 2006

finch and marlee

This little fellow landed on our balcony, seventeen floors up, this evening, and sang the kitty (who was privileged to be lounging on the back of the couch by the window) a sweet little song.

I've never seen a bird land on our balcony rail before in the year and a half we've lived here. (Though after this one alighted, Selena informs me that a female purple finch sat in the same place singing last week, but she'd forgotten to tell me... perhaps these two know each other? The finches, i mean; if i meant Selena and the finch I'm sure I'd never know, because she'd forget to tell me...)

P.S. Before I forget: we have a new phone number. Anyone who wants it, email Selena... or she'll forget to give it to you. The old number will work for a while longer...

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