Monday 19 June 2006

Everyone is One

Yesterday Istra had her second first birthday party, celebrated with all the other babies with whom she regularly cavorts, at a farm just outside of Kitchener (or Maryhill, to be exact). All of the babies are one year old now, with their birthdays spanning from the last days of April to the first days of June.

The farm really surpassed all our expectations--from the sprawling manor house, to the neatly-mowed grass paths through the forest. The animals were impressive too; Istra especially liked the peacock and nearly everyone else loved the Highland cattle that found its way to the BBQ in the shape of burgers.

While we all lazed around in the shade beside the guest house, Tim explored the property with this camera and got some interesting shots. There aren't that many good pictures of Istra (like the one above), but some pictures of the other babies turned out really well--especially the one of Tessa (the most avid walker of the group) in her breezy pink dress, and the picture that captures perfectly just where Rilan gets his flowing locks.

The rest of the pictures are here.

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