Monday 1 May 2006

Working Vacation

We took a little holiday this past week, Istra, Tim and I. For Tim it was a working holiday and for me it was a got-to-get-out-of-the-city holiday on which I also did a bit of work for my summer classes. Istra, well, she just did what Istra does--ate a lot, took long luxurious naps (which she actually doesn't do that often) and rode around in the retro pram and in the carrier.

This is actually one of the earliest times we've spent more than a day or two at the cottage. The water was not turned on and try as we might we couldn't get the pump to work; so, we were camping--hauling buckets of water up from the lake to do dishes, bathe and whatever else we needed water for. It wasn't so bad; it was actually kind of fun--it's not very often you find little fish in your bathwater!

One of the most devastating events of our holiday happened on one of our many walks. Mom and Whitney were up for the day and we spent some time inspecting the frogs in the swamp by the road coming into the cottage. We were excited when we saw thousands and thousands (perhaps even millions) of teeny tiny tadpoles in the water all around the frogs. So cute! Tim, however, burst the bubble by looking in the pond book under "Mosquito".

The highlight of the week was on the last day when we were treated with a show put on by four of the local bunnies. They didn't seem to be very afraid and actually came within around 2 feet of us before scampering off again. It's springtime, you know, and time for bunnies to do a lot of scampering! Istra watched the show, all the while pointing and screeching with excitement. Tim got some great bunny pictures, as well as pictures of other stuff the rest of the week.

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