Friday 11 November 2005


"I hear all this talk of photos, where's the pictures, man??"

Okay, okay!

For some reason I didn't take any pictures at Anne's birthday, which was sort of sad. Not getting any pictures, I mean. I had my camera. After we left I realised how good a shot from outside through the window would have been. Especially if Istra was laid out on the table. And everyone had their knives and fork's a-ready! Just like what really happened. In my imagination. Er... oh well. The lighting is really bad in there anyhow (so bad that it was difficult to even read the menus.)

Others rave about Milestone's. I find, the two times I've been there, their food solidly mediocre... to less than mediocre. The weird lights (that don't give off much light) were a novelty for a few minutes the first time I was there, but just annoying after that. Sandro raved about his meat and shimps, which where the expensive special. Maybe their meat is good. Selena seems to like the Thai Noodle salad, but I find it to be a painful mockery of real (yummy!) Thai food. This mockery was especially accute because the get together was originally supposed to be at The Real Thailand Restaurant, which has the most wonderful food that I know of. (And good lighting too! And generally not too noisey, also!) Oh well, it was not an unpleasant evening anyhow.

Anyhow, I didn't mean to write about any of this. I'm just here to help folks get their Istra fix, by posting completely misrepresentative pictures of her laughing and having a good time... what's this about teething, and being an annoying whiny sprog? No no, all happy fun fun all the time here! Look at the pictures!

Okay, oddly I'm not posting the laughing images. (Click the pictures you do see, to see full on laughing baby!)

This thing. Is it not one of the most bizarre objects you've beheld this entire day? Here's the story:

I was at my mom's a few weeks ago. My mom, as all who know her know, is a helpless slave to the garage sales. So she was showing me the two boxes of stuff she'd picked up here and there... for Istra... if Istra wanted any of it.

But don't be fooled! My mom says she picks up this stuff for Istra, and no doubt that is in her mind somewhere, but as far as I can tell, nothing much has changed. She's always been buying that stuff. "For her kids at school," or whatever other excuse she can think of. Isn't it sad? Poor woman. Poor woman with a house full of toys that someday Istra is going to go freakazoid trying to play with them all! "Let's go to Grammy's, I have to go to Grammy's! So many toys, so little time!!"

Anyhow, I digress. I didn't mean to write any of this either. (And I sure hope my mom doesn't take it personally what I've said about her when she reads this!)

So most of the toys in the box were a bit old for Istra. Istra is just now...

[I'm afraid I was interrupted when originally making this post, Yesterday at around 1:20 pm.... and have only now managed to get back to it... where was I? Why do I feel mounting anxiety trying to resume this posting...]

I was going to describe my mom's toy boxes. How Istra is really only just learning how to grab and shake things---and is getting quite obsessed with touching everything these days. This to explain my rational in grabbing the one weird toy I thought she might actually find interesting at her stage... the toy you sort of see... I was going to describe with intricate tediousness the toy and what it does... but no time now.

Then I was going to post the cutest picture of the posting and probably ramble on about something else. Well, here's the picture... it's clickable to see more cuteness... that's all for now.

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