Sunday 13 November 2005

The lemon baby

It all started with Istra's interest when we were eating apples. We let her lick them. She seemed to like it. Soon after we noticed she would go a little crazy over wedges of orange. She doesn't know how to chew or swallow, but likes to suck them even more than she likes to suck everything else. (We were at a Thai restaurant the other night that tends to place a slice of orange with every dish they serve: it turned out to be a lucky night out for Istra!) Today we were out and Selena was served a glass of water with a slice of lemon on the rim. Istra was excited. But, lemon? She wants lemon? Well, let her try it! She did. She liked it! She seemed not to react to the extreme sourness at all. See for yourself. Selena isn't trying to force the lemon into her mouth in this picture, but rather trying to keep her from excitedly shoving too much of it into her mouth all at once. (Click picture for way too many pictures of Istra devouring the lemon like a maniac.)

Of course she likes to suck everything. Here she is appearing to be trying to pull her orange tongue out... or trying her best to kill herself with a giant carrot slice. Fret not, however... she's sitting on Selena's lap, and everything was safe and good and fine. Just funny looking.

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