Sunday 21 August 2005

the void from which we descend

Here we are in Orillia, at Istra's second baby shower soon to start. The previous one was before she was born, in Toronto. And of course this morning Vex.Net's servers have to go down, so I am aflutter trying to find out what happened, and make sure everything is back up. Turns out there was some sort of electrical fire near our co-location facility had complications which took us out briefly. So anyhow, this posting to the web log is, besides being fascinating, a sort of test. Everything working?

Here's one of a bunch of photos we acquired lately of our distant-in-time relatives. This is Elias Blake, Istra's great great great grandfather (my mom's great grandfather). Got to love how they posed for photos back in the day. He looks very scholarly, but I'm told he actually ran a hotel near London Ontario (maybe it's the hotel registry he's studying so intently). And here's a picture of it, too.

Kind of neat having a picture of one's great great great grandfather. Whomever he is.

But let us not forget great great great grandma, either.

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