Thursday 18 August 2005

I Play Hostess

Imagine here a picture: four babies--two boys and two girls--lined up on our couch. The two boys, coincidentally, are much bigger and chubbier than the girls. The babies on the couch seems oblivious to each other's presence, despite the fact that their flailing arms and legs are frequently whacking the flailing arms and legs of the baby beside them.

That was the scene today, for a few minutes; and we unfortunately did not manage to snap a picture!

I had some of the moms from my prenatal class over today. Those in attendance were: me and Istra; Anna and Simon; Diane and Maya; and Nada and Max. Pam and Luca and Jess and Yael were supposed to come but both apparently had rough nights sleep-wise and begged off.

I started the preparations for this grand event yesterday--slowly cleaning up the apartment whenever Istra was sleeping or seemed occupied with something (like her really sad broken mobile, which she totally has a crush on--she makes googly eyes at it for hours!). I also managed to get some of the lunch prepared ahead of time; I was a bit ambitious and planned pizza and salad for lunch, with fruit and coffee cake for dessert. I made two pizzas--one regular dairy one with mozarella cheese and veggies and then a goat dairy one for me and anyone else who wasn't eating cow's dairy.

The coffee cake was a yummy banana chocolate chip one. Yes, I thought that deserved it's own paragraph.

We'd planned on going swimming in the outdoor pool here, but as it turns out it was too cold. This is quite funny because our last meeting was supposed to be a stroller-walk near Diane's house and we cancelled that because it was too hot. Crazy weather.

So we just sat around and chatted about things too boring to write about. I mean boring for you; not boring for us--pregnancy, naming babies, diaper covers, going back to school and whatnot. Oh, and the fact that Simon and Istra may in fact be distant cousins; Simon's dad Sunny is a Kerr, making Simon also a Kerr.

Next week's meeting is going to be fun; I'm really looking forward to it. We're going to Anna's and then to Dufferin Grove Park aka The Hippie Park. On Thursdays there is an organic farmer's market, so we're going to get all kinds of yummy organic treats and have a picnic. Anna recommends the organic roti prepared fresh in the stone oven there. Yum!

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