Thursday 7 July 2005

Green earth, green sky

At long last, we finally have blinds up in our living room... check out our new view... well, it's green. Green is good, right?

Definitely mixed feelings putting those things up. The unobstructed 17th floor view over the city was a nice thing. The bright sunlit room was nice. Sure we could open the blinds, but that's something one has to do. Most likely they will stay more or less as they are unless there is some special desire to slide them back. We can twist them open with less effort, but then one still has to look past little green lines. The short of it is, it's just not the same. On the other hand, one can fall asleep on the couch without quite the level of fear which I've developed through much experience of waking up feeling like an over-crisp piece of bacon in the morning.

And the window guy across from us is now foiled.

And the colour is not bad.

I had to improvise a little putting them up. To my surprise they didn't come with ceiling mountable brackets. Also, it turned out, the three of them were just slightly too wide, end to end, to fit; so the middle section is actually out a bit further, slightly in front of the two side panels. It all worked out though. Used paper clips (!) to hold the folded slats (they are cloth) around the air conditioner...

Sorry, no Istra pictures! Though if you are heart broken, you can sooth yourself counting objects in the picture of hers... whee.

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