Thursday 24 March 2005

So long past past-due...

This name thing. Sure it'd be nice to have a name before it's born; but on the other hand.... what does it matter? I haven't really thought about this conscoiusly, but the more that I do now, the more it actually makes more sense to me to not name the kid until after its born...

I'm sure the patiently waiting family is just thrilled to hear this.

But, think of the benefits. You can get a look at it... and you know... be inspired. Maybe Selena is already more inspired by it's kicking her on the inside of her ribs, and I'm just not getting it. But what can I do?

We don't know the gender for sure yet. And while it seems most people have no trouble with the concept of picking out alternate names to cover all eventualities; as I've said before, I have a hard time doing this. We seem to have this "probably a girl" prognosis, but no one is sure. It seems psychologically dicy to me to think in hypothetically gendered terms until there's no more question.

And thus, another reason having a good look at the thing before naming it seems beneficial, if not wise.

What if you name it, for example, gender aside, Snowdrop, and then it's born and it doesn't look anything at all like a flower. And furthermore it's not even entirely white. How embarrassing would that be?

On the other hand, if it's born and you look at it and, for example, it looks strangely fish-like... a sort of manta-ray kind of thing... you might be inspired to give it a really cool name you might not otherwise have thought of... like... like... Chondrichthyes. Chrondrichthe for short. Or, maybe even just Ich. Ich... little Ichy! Lil' Ichy baby! So cute!


Something to think about.

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