Thursday 24 March 2005

"Women of Power" Broom Auction: Sweep, Ladies, Sweep!

It's for real, i'm not making it up!

Um, I was just writing a comment on the previous posting which got a little out of hand, replying to Whitney's perked ears/eyes...

I noticed Isshin Daiko, which were the party responsible for said perking (they are the Taiko drummers who were at the veggie food fair last year) are doing a free performance at a St Lawrence Market event on Thursday, April 7.

And there also will be the "Women of Power" Broom Auction. Hehe. Funny. Though I'm not really in the market myself... alas.

These gals and guy(s) are good though. (The picture is from their web site: i'm pretty sure I recognise the two in the foreground from the food fair last year)...

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