Monday 13 December 2004

We have primary ignition (Stand by for lift off)

Look how concerned black cat is. Not a smidgeon, it would seem! Granted, this picture is from a few months ago when things were a bit calmer; but I can assure you her demeanour has not changed. She is not even the least bit impressed by the 12 boxes of books I have now packed (and there's plenty more still to pack).

She is even at this very moment sleeping curled up in her current favourite spot: wedging herself between the top of a shelf, on top of our towels and extra blankets.

She doesn't even care in the least that we just got a call informing us that our application for her new apartment is approved.

1717-145 Marlee Ave
Toronto, On M6B 3H3

Here we come. (Though we still don't have an exact availability date; we are told the current tenant intends to move "early", and they will let us know when they know.)

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