Saturday 11 December 2004

A Money Order and Your First Born Child!

It is very nearly official. Yesterday I went up to 145 Marlee and signed the lease for apartment 1717, which is one of the two bedrooms we were looking at. It is a big and expensive step, but I am looking forward to it. I'm excited. It will be nice to "branch out" a little bit in a new, bigger place and get ready for other major changes on the way.

Actually, for the first year we are renting there it turns out to be not completely unaffordable. They have a "special" for new tenants where they give you a free month's rent. Of course there are conditions to this. The conditions are that the free months rent doesn't come into effect until your last month of the lease and then only if you a) paid on time for the previous 11 months, and b) had no problems with your banking (ie. NSF cheques and the like). Hold on a second! The free month's rent is for the last month of the lease--but we paid first and last yesterday?! Hm. I believe some inquiries are in order here.

Anyway, today Tim has to go up there to sign the lease, so maybe we can ask about that.

After taking care of the new apartment junk, Sandro and I had an adventure taking care of old apartment junk. Namely, we went to No Frills scoping for banana boxes. They didn't have any. So we went to Loblaws and scored two boxes. Tim was so excited he has already started packing.

As for me, I will be packing things up here slowly among completing other urgent tasks, such as my grad school application for English at U of T. I started organizing it last night and realized that this "Statement of Purpose" that they want me to include in the application only has to be 300 words. At first that was a relief; but now I'm thinking, "how am I going to say everything necessary in less than 300 words?!" When it comes to writing I have never really been an expert at brevity. I still haven't written anything, though. Instead I've been researching the works of professors I might want to have as supervisor and also refamiliarizing myself with the theories of Hegel (which I really shouldn't be doing at 7:30 in the morning).

Anyway, that is what I am doing this weekend, among other things.

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