Sunday 19 April 2015

New Brunswick Adventures, revisited

I came across a DVD on a shelf last week. It was a home made DVD. It's only words were the title: New Brunswick Adventures. Obviously it had been Aunty Belle's. I popped it on and found this slide show that evidently someone made for her of one of her trips to New Brunswick (possibly around 2011) which she used to take every year, where she rented a cottage at a lighthouse on Green's Point for a few weeks.

UPDATE: a few people have mistakenly thought I made the DVD below. I just want to be clear, I can't take credit for it, I did not make it. I just found it laying around here on a shelf (even though a lot of the sights are quite similar to photos we took when we went out there with her in 2008). I'm guessing one of her friends made it for her, such as Ruby whom she always visited, or Jackie whom I believe often accompanied her on the trip.

It can be still emotionally difficult looking at these pictures of the things she saw and loved. But I'm glad we have them.

Also, I've been meaning to do this for quite a while, and finally managed to uploaded the memorial slide show.

We all miss Aunty Belle.

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