Sunday 10 November 2013

Strolling the Silurian

We did not go for a hike today. However we did go for a nice one not long ago that I haven't posted the pictures here yet...

Living on the Niagara escarpment makes for some rather nice and relatively nearby scenery. Here is Canterbury Falls. Selena and Istra at the top. Emeth climbed down into the valley with me -- until he decided that was boring and took off back up.

We went off-trail a little and found a nice spot for a picnic; and even saw a couple of deer wandering through.

We were particularly curious to see what mushrooms we might find. The kids, like little truffle hunting pigs, helped us root around old stumps and tree trunks, and we thereby found quite a few interesting mycological blooms. (As you will see, if you stroll through all the pictures.) And amazingly, no one even slipped off of any cliffs.

And here also is a map of our stroll around the Bruce Trail near Spencer Falls...

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