Sunday 7 July 2013


With thoughts towards our next move, we hesitantly decided it was finally time to drastically cull our herd of belovèd books.The first step was to corral them out of the garage, where they've been hibernating for some time now.

We knew it was going to be a struggle. Not so much all the lifting (though that was slightly considerable also), but the painful selecting. But now that we (and even the kids) do so much reading on our e-book readers, and have many titles duplicated there... and the boxes are so heavy... and numerous....

It seemed like a nice day to do it, at least. Sunny and warm. No rain to speak of in the daily forecast.

So we got things under way. It seems like we are managing to filter out more than half, perhaps even two-thirds, of the collection so far. We are not yet half way done going through the boxes.

Shortly after the second picture was taken, a dark cloud suddenly rolled in over the roof. Very dark. We hurriedly, scuttled the boxes back into the garage (and the to-be-gone boxes into the back of the car, ready for donating).

Big drops started spattering the ground with just a few more boxes to move. We managed to set ourselves up inside the garage and continued with the grim work while the heavens cried around us. Then we got hungry and quit for the day. But anyhow, we have a bit more room in the garage now. And tomorrow someone, who likely does not even know how fortunate they are, is going to get a load of wonderful tomes. Hopefully some of them make it into happy hands again....

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