Friday 3 February 2012

Emeth loses a couple of wiggly wheels

Due to the lovely weather, and the sudden whim of Istra, the kids' bikes went back into commission this week. The kids have been riding (in coats, boots, and mits) to and from school most days this week. After school today, I offered to raise Emeth's seat for him, as it looks like his legs are getting a bit cramped on his little red machine -- surprisingly he agreed. (He often resists.) We took the tools over to the park, so he could test out the changes. After raising the seat, I also tightened up the training wheel that had been wobbling loose for quite a while.

Em has been adamantly opposed to the idea of riding with two wheels every time it's been mentioned to him. He admires Istra on two wheels, but insists he wants to keep his training wheels forever. I keep mentioning it to him in various ways, to get him increasingly used to the idea. He's told me a few times he will maybe try two wheels when he is five. That's getting closer, but is still three months away. Anyhow, while fiddling with the training wheels, I again suggested I could take the training wheels off for him to try out two wheels if he wants to. To my surprised he said: "Okay." I was surprised! He then quickly added, "But I may to put them back on." Okay! I assured him that we'd put them back on any time he wanted to.

But to my further surprise....

So, the training wheels are off for good, now. Hurray! After a half hour of buzzing around, he was even able to start himself without a down slope. He is super excited to be riding two wheels now. He just suggested, as I am typing this, that maybe he should go out and practice some more. (But, alas, he's going to have to wait until tomorrow, it being completely dark out...)

At long last, we're all two wheeler's here now. A landmark day for this cycling family.

(And Emeth's really going to need a bit bigger bike by summertime.)

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