Friday 6 January 2012

Suddenly, Grandpa

We don't manage to get to visit grandpa much, so it's always a treat when we do. Anne suddenly arranged for us all to get up there last month. It was not coincidental that it was approximately his birthday.

Grandpa doesn't get out much anymore, or far from home when he does get out, after his strokes. So Anne brought him a favourite birthday treat: cheeseburgers from a certain ubiquitous establishment. We supplemented this with home made pea soup.

And now let's introduce Grandpa and Polly's three kitty-cats to the blog! Snoopy, Budley, and Molly. "So cute!" Istra says. Snoopy is big and reclusive. Budley is medium sized and a trouble maker. Molly is a wee little thing and super-extra-duper cute.

 Happy belated birthday, Grandpa!

The rest of the pictures from the impromptu party are here.

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