Saturday 15 January 2005

Brown Eyes Blue Eyes Boogie

Here is a neat thing I found here on the web a little while ago. It uses simple (some may say too simple) genetics to calculate the odds of ending up with children with either brown, blue or green eyes. Since brown is dominant, it is no surprise that we have a 66.6% chance of having a brown-eyed baby. Thanks mostly to Tim's side and a little help from Dad's side, we have a 16.6% chance of both blue eyes and green eyes. You can click the image to see a bigger version of the chart.

The babe is pretty active these days. I feel the movements still as little taps, but they seem to be getting more insistent. I think that she wants more ice cream or something, but I am resisting. I am trying hard to concentrate on better nutrition as I have been having too much sugar lately. I did pretty well today, my first day of recommitting to better nutrition since Christmas (including keeping track on fitday).

Last night I noticed that within the space of a couple hours, she seemed to be kicking first on the left side, then in the center and then the right side. Eventually she came back to the centre. I wonder what she is actually doing in there! I tried to get Tim to feel it, but it might be still too subtle. Plus, every time I say, "here, feel now!" she stops. Playing games with her Daddy already!

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