Saturday 18 June 2011

Last Weekend

pic_20110610T140008_IMG_8366_012.jpg Istra, sucking pileated woodpecker for all the love a stuffed bird can give.

pic_20110610T150604_IMG_8379_019.jpg You don't catch Emeth smiling like this all that often. In fact I can't remember it happening: but apparently the camera noticed. Must have something to do with the magic flower, tickling the old helix.

pic_20110610T151916_IMG_8438_078.jpg Hello. Love my snaky face! Oh, how embarrassing, I've left my top hat and monocle at home.

pic_20110610T152758_IMG_8471_111.jpg Just your ordinary every day iris, posing.

pic_20110610T153154_IMG_8497_137.jpg Nature calls. And calls again. Nature seemed to be calling an awfully lot on this particular nature walk!

pic_20110610T161604_IMG_8652_380.jpg We went to visit the heron nests. There weren't as many nests as last year, but we did get a pretty good view of one with its birdlings.

pic_20110610T170326_IMG_8817_672.jpg Istra, being Istra.

pic_20110610T171612_IMG_8838_714.jpg This sad little porcupine had an unfortunate meeting with a mean, mean car.

pic_20110610T171912_IMG_8868_773.jpgJust a handful of meters further, we came across this turtle in the middle of the road. Strangely, back legs in, but front legs out. Seemed uninjured, though. Lifted him to the side of the road he seemed to be headed for.

pic_20110611T103844_IMG_8912_861.jpg Stalked. Killed. Swallowed whole. Everyone seems to think this a stretched-out chipmunk about to be consumed. It's hard for me to imagine a chipmunk of such a size. At any rate, after witnessing this, we won't be looking at herons quite the same anymore. But no doubt the fish always saw them this way.

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