Tuesday 8 February 2011

Those picture things

So, due to being freakishly sick, and other complications and considerations, since leaving my job last month, I've only had one job interview. In an email to the guy to be interviewing me, I joked that to get ready for the interview instead of brushing up on a bunch of concepts, I had instead decided to spend my time on a project I'd long wanted to tackle: writing my own online photo album. This was somewhat related to the job, as I decided to create the photo album using the primary tools that job was advertising for. I quipped that by taking this approach of writing software using these tools to prepare, whether I turned out to be right for the job or not, I could not loose because even if I don't get the job I still have the software.

I didn't get the job. But I was right! Now, some weeks of "feverish" coding later, I have the software in good enough shape to share...

The hope is that this will get me posting pictures more often, more easily. It was always so awkward with the other software I used (which is currently totally broken, to add to my motivation).

The software I created is entirely under my control. It still lacks some features I want. But crucially, it integrates directly with my desktop photo management software. It is intended to be very tag-centric (so hopefully I'll be more exacting in my tagging). One a superficial level in this way it sort of is inspired by flickr's focus on time (stream) and tags. But it integrates with my desktop photo software directly; and it's entirely under my control.  Did I say that already? I don't mind repeating.

Anyhow... never mind. Even so, all this being said, the photos here aren't quite up to date. And in fact I haven't taken hardly any in quite some time now.

But nevertheless... a gimpse (click the pic) of the possibilty to come....

(The slideshow system I integrated in is pretty good too...!)


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