Thursday 15 October 2009


The dragon Istra got for her birthday, so many months ago, finally hatched this chilly, wet weekend. The winds lured it from its nest, and launched it... well... into trees... and Selena's face... the ground... oh, and also the sky! From there, it also appears to have swooped down in an attempt to snatch Emeth up in its claws and carry him away to its lair....! Watch out, Eme!!!!

It missed.

So we all survived. And got exercise. And even seemed to have a fair bit of fun, despite the terrible danger.

I found more mushrooms to coerce portraits out of. (Oh wait, have I even posted my vast array of mushroom pictures from our last holiday?) Anyhow, while stalking the "shaggy manes", I noticed the ground beneath my feet started to feel rather weird. I looked down and found myself treading across large clusters of what we've finally decided are "pear-shaped puffballs". Selena, in her amateur mycological lust, was so excited she quickly abandoned my lovely shaggy mane, and started maniacally harvesting.

Two meals later, we are still alive. We win, again!

There was also dinner guests. A gigantic wasp nest. Turning off of water, window plastic. Fresh beaver trails. A farmer's market. Munchkin measurements. Still water. Rough water. Fantastical vehicles. Braids. The lowering of a flag. GPS. The moon at noon. Puzzles (including some which may never be solved). Warm snuggles. Cold feet, and shoulders. Genealogical encouragements. Surprise recovered apple crisp. Popped corn.

And we've maybe survived all that, too! We shall see...

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