Monday 28 September 2009

Siloam Orchard

Selena, in her search for a good place to buy apple trees, became interested in this orchard she found online which also had a pick-your-own. It was just a coincidence that this orchard was having their annual "apple festival" this weekend, when we decided to check it out. The "festival" wasn't much really. But they did have a tent set up with a big display of nearly all known varieties of Ontario apples, and samples of a wide range of them to examine. There are a lot! This orchard has a lot of odd (old and new) breeds of apples. We really enjoyed the novamac, honeygold, and lobo apples that were ready for picking this weekend.

Emeth was carrying around a huge bag of apples that he could hardly lift, but he refused to let anyone help him with. Meanwhile Istra, twice the age, had a bag not even half as full, as was complaining that it was getting too heavy and begging for help.

My mom, whose car we put many kilometers on in quest of these apples, executed a surprising back flop onto the ground attempting to get a picture of Emeth coming through a tree row. Be warned, all adventurous photographers inclined to such stunts: once down, you are vulnerable, and may be swarmed by your subjects. It may in fact have been all a clever set up by the 2 year old: jump on Gramma! Always have your escape route planned in advance, or this could happen to you.

It was a fun time and an interesting place, though it was further and took longer than expected. And now I'm helplessly addicted to novamac apples. (They taste almost exactly like sweet-tart candies! But better!)

lovely apple in the grass

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