Sunday 22 February 2009

Valentines for everybody

We have no less (and no more) than two Valentine's Day birthdays in the family. Neither of those birthdays are the kids'. So why is it that I seem to have so many photos of the kids eating cake, and mostly remember the kids getting presents? Funny thing.

Selena had her first chance to rock on her new accordion. Rousing, mostly-recognizable, renditions of a certain song often heard these occasions was performed. Istra danced. Istra danced enough for all of us.

I don't even seem to have a picture of one of the birthday girls who was in attendance. I guess she should have jumped in as Istra's dance partner if she wanted to be immortalized. This is good general advice for everyone, by the way. Keep it in mind if ever you should encounter Istra in action.

Anyhow, a delightful time was had by all. And Selena's bike hanging on the wall made a particularly classy backdrop for the be-flowered table, I thought."

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