Sunday 30 November 2008

November us

Here's a few pictures from a short walk yesterday. Emeth was sleeping practically the whole time in the stroller, so no pictures for him. Istra wanted to walk a fair way before requesting to ride. And a fair bit of that way she for some important reason needed to drag a long branch she found. She always likes to be carrying a stick (or making mommy carry it) when out these days, but this was a little on the ridiculous side. Oh, and her coat pockets are full of rocks that she refuses to part with. Our destination this day was the Forest Hill Public Library. It's not the closest library, but the computer reported it had a sheet music book of folk songs that Selena wanted to try out. Turns out the book was missing. So I snagged Leonard Cohen's "Book of Longing", which Selena then monopolised for much of the evening after the kids finally (much too late) got to bed. Don't expect much from the photos, if you look: I was taking mostly texture shots, and trying to catch some decent light before he clouds moved in. I hadn't had my big camera out for a while, and was missing it. But at one point Istra (who for many weeks has been refusing to let people take photos of her) suddenly demands that I take her picture. That is the picture you see above, to the right. Don't look too close, lest you be boogered. You may also notice, I don't feel like using paragraphs tonight.

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