Saturday 11 October 2008

Debaters Update

It's come to my attention that the link to The Debaters in the previous post, which i had endorsed so highly, is nothing more than a clip. Even worse, it's not a very good clip. It seems they obviously chose it for it's self serving references to funding. Sad. It really was a fantastic performance. Oh well.

While I'm here, I recently came across the nicest, simplest, site yet on the topic of strategic voting: "Vote For Environment". There's a short, decently produced, video outlining the reasons for strategic voting against Harper especially in this election. There are simple tools to check out your riding, and get suggestions on the best strategy.

There's also rather interesting statistics on the front page which show the current polls split the votes against Harper how things will turn out; and beside that they estimate the outcome if the strategic voting plan could be carried out based on the same polls.

The point of this is that the large majority of us are going going to get stuck with the Bush-like Harper due to our unrepresentative democratic system at what many consider to be a very critical time in history, if we don't smarten up quickly and realise what is in our own best interests strategically.

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