Sunday 24 August 2008

Aunty Belle's Birthday

Click pic for some random scenes from Aunty Belle's birthday party yesterday. We got together at Aunty Priscilla's in Hamilton. A bunny showed up and tried to crash the party, but Istra and Emeth (who gets credit for being the one who actually spotted it) showed it the side path. Istra took time out of her busy schedule of running around like a maniac to ride her little horsey for a while ("poor little horsey, monkeys on it" apparently was a prophecy --- to my knees). After dinner, Aunty Belle required help blowing out the candles on her birthday pie (see pic above), and opening her presents. Once again, Istra came to the rescue and helped Aunty Belle out with all these things. What would we do without Istra?

(She's currently under the kitchen table on which I am writing this: "This is my house, and I'm in it and my two friends are in it. And we are eating breakfast of a pretend birthday caaaaaake!" She is apparently practicing, with a green bunny, for the next time she is called upon to assist someone with their birthday cake, or rabbit problem. She will be ready. "The bunny is my baby. I luv you chubba litta baba. I brought a kitty just in case my bunny wanted to play with it." And on and on.)"

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