Saturday 17 May 2008

Over head observation

You just stand there, and let me tell you...
Why not log it? [I wrote this yesterday.] I'm in Ottawa. Got here this morning. I am here to attend to conferences. One of them started this morning. I got a flight from Toronto Island which took off at 7am. I managed to make it to the Conference venue and get myself registered with 10 minutes to spare. Efficiency!

The flight was quite nice. I got a seat on the left side of the plane, which meant I was facing north-ish most of the flight. The sky was relatively clear most of the way at the altitudes the small plane flies at. I realised that the few times i've flown in or out of toronto, I don't think it's ever been in daylight hours. The view was pretty spectacular. I felt myself thinking: wow, this is just like google maps satelite view only way, way, way, way way, way better!

It is pretty astonishing that I can take off from Toronto and 45 minutes later be landing in Ottawa; having looked down on all the countryside in between.

The water level looked amazingly low in many of the bodies of water we passed. You could tell where the water should have been. Got me thinking about global water shortages. Thinking about how a water shortage in North America means, even in crazy places like Arizona or arid parts of California, don't water your lawn, especially during daylight hours. It's hard to comprehend what it would be like to experience water shortage to the extent that the rule is... don't drink too much, especially during daylight hours.

Still, there really is an astonishing amount of water between Toronto and Ottawa. Of particular interest to me where the stretches of soggy land which apparently is unusable for anything much by humans, the forest is so saturated with pools and gouges of water. How happy a moose might be down there.

Had to get up around 5 am this morning in order to make it here in time, as described above. It's 11 am now. I'm a bit tired. The complimentary coffee out in the foyer almost is tempting. Well, okay, it's not really all that tempting.

The pictures in this post are from Tuesday, when our old friend Chad suddenly showed up from Vancouver. Istra and Emeth took him to the park to show him around...

See you around. (Here's an interesting video on yet another subject.)

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