Thursday 27 March 2008


Eme has a strange little habit that seems to amuse him, but makes other people cringe. It is a habit that was, perhaps, developed during his early days of mobility when he was falling down a lot and bumping his head. Or, perhaps it is simply evidence that a penchant for loud, ear-decimating music is hereditary. Yes, Eme is a headbanger.

Eme will sometimes sit with his back to a wall, a mischievious smile on his face, and then gently rock his head backwards until it hits the wall. He does this over and over, giggling a little after each thump. He will also, if you're not careful, smash his forehead into your nose when being carried about.

All this simply to illustrate that Eme's first haircut, which Whitney gave him on Easter weekend, is actually quite fitting, despite the many stares and comments he has already gotten, as a baby with a mohawk.


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