Saturday 22 December 2007

Emeth's First Word (proves who is important and most-loved in this family...)

As Tim mentioned, Emeth has become quite enamoured by the cat. This obsession, it seems, has compelled Emeth to utter his first real word--interestingly, the same as Istra's first word.

Emeth was playing on the floor by the front door and the hallway, looking down at something. I was standing behind him when the cat came down the hall and stopped to survey the scene directly in front of Emeth. Emeth looked up and I saw his whole body tense with excitement! Then he said, "kitty!"

I swear he did. I couldn't believe my ears, because the kid can't even say simple things like "mama" or "dada" yet with any consistency, and he comes out with "kitty!" I'm not prone to hallucinations usually, so I am sticking to my story as unlikely as it seems.

Of course, he hasn't said it again since; but he did once. Maybe the kitty just has to surprise him again.

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  1. wow! "kitty"! That is soo cool! Go Emeth!
    [posted by: elena]