Saturday 10 November 2007


photo_2007-11-10T02:43:10-000006.JPGYou know i was always in some ways a bit jealous of the kids in public school who got casts. They got attention, and cool stuff drawn on them. Well, at long last, late bloomer that I must be, i finally outdid those snotty nosed kids! merely one cast isn't good enough for me, oh no! I got me two of them now. So exciting i had to make myself some popcorn. (Alas subpar microwave was all i could manage, and even that just barely... but still, its the thought that counts.

Won't Selena be surprised in the morning! (She doesn't know yet! Sandro who attended me with utmost patience and care all evening helped me quietly back hoome..)

photo_2007-11-10T02:44:34-000009.JPGone of the msny other hilarious things about this is that selena used to tell me stories about how frightening it as when her dad broke both his wrists. And all her mom had to do to take care of him. who could guess her turn would come.... (i suspect her dad's breaks were much worst that mine though)

but i must stop typing because it's hurting rather extremely. but i culdn't resist posting here first! whee!

like my blankie?

hard to take pictures though. )-:

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  1. Tim, that's terrible! How did you manage to do this?
    [posted by: elena]