Wednesday 6 June 2007

Hefty (Another Emeth post with no picture of Emeth...)

Emeth was discharged from the care of the midwives yesterday, weighing in at a hefty 11 lbs, 14 oz -- which is exactly two pounds up from his previous visit three weeks ago. By the time we left the office he'd nursed so much that he probably weighed 12 lbs already. He's a big baby, says everyone who sees him. Some go as far as to say that he's a huge baby. I wonder if he's going to have arm rolls eventually. What a novelty!

It was a bittersweet appointment today, for sure--what with all the happy squealing over Emeth's awe-inspiring weight and the fact that barring the once a year Midwives' Picnic, we won't be seeing these people again. Despite the fact that Elizabeth has said at least twice that if I have another baby just maybe both she and Katrina will make it to the birth, I am not entirely convinced. Okay, I'm not convinced at all.

I gave Elizabeth, Katrina and Robynn good-bye presents. I'd purchased some birth DVDs to add to the Collective's library since when I asked if they had any DVDs I could show Istra to prepare her for the event, the midwives almost laughed. Apparently their collection is a little outdated. For Elizabeth, I got "Birth as We Know It" which was put together by a Russian midwife and is famous for some footage of a waterbirth taking place in the Black Sea. For Katrina I got a DVD called "I Watched my Brother Being Born" which I thought would be great for second-time moms like myself who want to prepare their firstborns for their sibling's arrival. Elizabeth seemed truly touched and repeatedly thanked me for such thoughtful gifts.

I'm also considering donating my birth books and my Hypnobabies home study course to the library so that other women can use them and hopefully benefit from them--since no one in my family seems to be likely to have any babies any time soon, if ever.

In non-Emeth news, Istra is doing so incredibly well at potty learning. Yesterday I accompanied Tim to work because they were throwing a little party to celebrate three birthdays, one of them being Emeth's. We put Istra in training pants and she kept them dry, using the potty at the office twice and even requesting "baaf-woom" herself. I've been staying home a lot over the past week or so because we're trying to get a lot of potty practice and I think I'm going to continue sticking close to home for at least another week or so because not having to change poopy toddler diapers is quite worth a little boredom.

I appologize for these pictureless posts. Tim and I realized yesterday that we haven't taken any pictures of Emeth lately, so in order to preserve an equal sibling picture ratio, we must start taking some pictures of our growing boy! (Or risk the wrath of Aunty Whitney!)


  1. What a growing boy!!!!!No Pics of Emit and no pics from Istras birthday. What is the old great aunt to do whithdrawal AB
    [posted by: Aunty Belle]

  2. Who's Emit?

    Yeah, we're a little slow with the pictures these days... sorry!
    [posted by: s]