Tuesday 1 May 2007

Crazy stroller may be worth it after all

We finally got a chance to try out the "e3" with Emeth in the "cocoon". It's been fun freaking people out when we point out there's a week old baby in the back of the thing. Pretty much no one notices unless we for some reason indicate it to them: and they, after a brief second of amazement, invariably they collapse into a great puddle of gush at the insane cuteness of the tiny head all cuddled up back there.

Selena of course has been doing more walking than she should. But as noted in a previous entry: it's her way. And she seems to be doing pretty well. She just complains a little after a long walk, and says maybe she over did it a bit, and should take it a bit easier. Then she goes out for another walk the next day.

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