Thursday 17 May 2007

All By Myself

Well, Tim left at around 2pm today for his BSD conference in Ottawa, which I also went to last year. We decided this year it would be just a little too complicated for me to go, with 2 babies--one of them brand new--and me in "recovery mode" forbidden from traipsing around the city all day. So here I am all by myself with the two babies, both currently sleeping.

I shouldn't make a big deal out of being all by myself; both Grandmas will be rescuing me from my solitude. But somehow this one day and one night that I am by myself feels like something of an achievement--that is, if I survive. I haven't tried to go to bed myself yet despite the fact that Emeth is sleeping.

Anyway, I have no pictures to go with this post, but I will attempt to draw you a picture of Emeth's current state of being. It seems that every time we go to the midwives (as we did this week for his 3rd week of life check-up) they squeal with amazement over how much weight he is gaining. At his first in-clinic check-up, after being away from the midwives for 5 days, he gained 9 oz. This time he had gained 1 lb 6 oz in just under 2 weeks. He weighs 10 lbs now, whereas Istra didn't hit that milestone until her 8th week.

Emeth, apparently, looks like a Middleton but eats like a Kerr.

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  1. you 2 must be awefully busy! No posts! :(

    hopefully there are a mountain of pics hiding in your cameras! :))
    [posted by: chad]