Wednesday 11 April 2007

Home Visit II

Elizabeth was at our place bright and early this morning for our home visit.

I've actually been feeling pretty decent the last couple of days, so I didn't have too much to report, besides some vague feelings of things happening. I mean, it's getting close and I feel like my body is getting ready. There are twinges here and there and last week I had some real contractions that went away after about 15 minutes. After hearing this Elizabeth went over when I should call her, which made everything feel that much more immanent.

During the belly-check portion of the appointment, Elizabeth reported that the baby's head is low and pretty fixed. Of course, all these things could go on for weeks and take me right to, or past, my due date. It's a bit of a guessing game.

For those that saw me at Easter and were concerned about my poor swelling legs and feet, that situation is much improved since I've stopped trying to be super-woman with getting all my cooking and cleaning and whatnot done. I am taking more time to put my feet up and now they look almost normal and aren't as irritating. My blood pressure is still low-normal and I don't have any signs of preeclamsia. So the tree-trunk legs and sausage feet are just what they are and nothing more.

I am permitted to have this baby anytime after Sunday, except for Earth-day weekend, which is Elizabeth's weekend off-call.

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