Sunday 11 March 2007

Chopstick Girl

Istra was refusing to eat anything except the little ice cubes she was fishing out of the glasses of water. When she saw me eating with chopsticks, though, she was suddenly interested. She'd refused to eat anything offerred her via fork, or spoon, or soup spoon... but it turned out she'd eat just about anything we could get to her mouth with chopsticks. Even some things she normally refuses. Eventually she wanted to try to work the chopsticks herself. She looks pretty adept! Good form. (Though she was mostly trying to carefully stab things, unsuccessfully.) The waitress (seen slightly in the top left corner of one picture) came over with many a squeal of delight. She was enthralled. I heard the odd gasping around the restaurant: "baby with chopsticks!" Istra steals the show, as usual.

Istra herself would like to add:




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