Sunday 4 February 2007

The humilation of Veracious

We're just on our way out to visit the Quackers a bit, then tobogganing somewhere in the Beaches....

So Selena and I were busy doing stuff before leaving. And we notice Istra wandering around saying: "bum. bum. bum. bum. bum." She rounds the corner into the office carrying the box of baby wipes from the bedroom, saying, "bum. bum. bum. bum. bum."

What's going on? Is she trying to tell us she needs a change? But she seems to be ignoring us... what is she doing? She's never done this before.

She puts the container of wipes on the couch, proceeds to expertly open the lid, pull out a single wipe. She takes the wipe and moves to the medium sized teddy bear she'd left there rolled over on its side, and studiously starts to wipe the teddy bear's bum. All the while saying, "bum. bum. bum. bum. bum. bum. bum."

We watch in amazement. Apparently the teddy bear needed cleaning up.

She wipes the poor old teddy bear's bum for quite a while. "Bum. bum. bum. bum. bum. bum." The teddy bear endures the scene with infinite patience, though clearly his pride was a little buffeted. Then she finally takes the wipe to the bathroom disposes of it. Just as if she's been doing it for years...

Anyhow, we're off now... pictures later maybe.

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