Thursday 15 February 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

I will just come out and admit it. I completely forgot to give my mom a call yesterday to wish her a happy birthday. And it's pretty hard to forget my mom's birthday, since it is on the same day as Selena's. And, amazingly, I didn't entirely forget Selena's: though now that I think about it, I can't recall if I actually said the words "happy birthday" to her either! So there you go; make of it what you will.

Anyhow, we had some thoughts of takeout Thai or Sushi. But in the end, it proved too complicated for us poor housebound souls, and we just got nice simple pizza. But not just any pizza. Selena ordered wacky pizzas... one featuring arugula, and another garlicky one with artichokes. Tasty. From Mamma's, of course. All this, and they were heart shaped, in heart shaped boxes for some reason!

Maybe I should save a slice for my mom, to remember her birthday. The very least I could do is save her this very special pizza invention of Istra's....

... pizza juice! (Juice, the word and the substance, is one of Istra's favourite things these days... how natural then to mix it with something so yummy as pizza... why didn't we think of that?)

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