Monday 29 January 2007

Winter Festival: Kitonb

Next stop, Italian "extreme theatre". It had its moments. But mostly it cold, standing around (ask Selena if you don't believe me). Istra was not complaining however, so the shutter kept flapping...

The most dramatic scene with these guys, which almost made the rest worth it, was when they (having climbed to the top of the structure) started leaping into the air landing in middle of the cords at the top and to all appearances falling randomly through the strings. Quite nifty. Fun.

There was a gigantic crane by the stage. The ninjas flew... or at least wiggled on wires high above us. Here, framed in large cube frames, later winged and swinging. (Click the picture to get an idea of the scale... they were way up there...)

Afterwards, we skipped out on Sloan and hit up a chip truck for yummy, yummy (greasy) Yukon Gold. Istra approved. All good.

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