Monday 1 January 2007

New Year Stuff

I really want to post highlights of some of my favourite pics from Xmas in Orillia... but there are so many. So for now I will skip ahead to New Years in Ajax, so I can scoop Selena on spreading the exciting news of Istra's new little bed! Behold the cuteness:

Click the pic to see Istra checking it out. We impulse-bought it from a second-hand children's shop in Ajax.

Speaking of getting Istra used to new things, as you can see here we're also trying to get her used to commuting to work on the train every day, so maybe eventually we can move out of the city. And she can take over our jobs. But one step at a time.

On our way home we stopped by to visit my grandmother. We call her Nana. It's a sweet sort of sad that when I was loading these pictures up onto my computer and Istra saw them, though she's only seen my grandmother a few times, she seems to have this time picked up the name from this short visit. She points to the screen and says: "Nana!" Cute. The sad part is that Nana, alas, (due to Alzheimer's) has pretty much no concept of who little Istra is; even as Istra timidly tries to share with her her doll.

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